Yellow Mountains trekking

Also known as ‘Huangshan’. While I was planning my trip to China for a month, I had a list, but my list changed as soon after I saw pictures of the Yellow Mountains. Suddenly that was on the top of my list (ok, allmost, Beijing was my no 1).

I remember when I was little and looked at Chinese drawings of mountains, I always dreamed to get there once in my life. While I was getting older, I thought those were just drawings and based on ones imagination. But then I saw a picture. And another one and I knew: I have to go there.


I booked a group tour via a tour agency in Hongkong to do the trekking in Huangshan as it was much more cheaper compared to booking in advance via some English tour agencies. We arrived at Hangzhou, did some sightseeing there and went by bus to Huangshan. It was a 3-day tour with 2 nights on the Yellow Mountains, in two different hotels including meals. Although it is a lot of hiking, it wasn’t hard at all and it was worth every step! The paths are easy to walk and the steps are going up and down, some parts a bit flatter, but not though as going up all the time for one and a half day and down for one and a half day.


We were lucky that we had sunny days and only on the last day it rained a little bit. On beforehand I thought it would be beautiful to see the clouds hanging around the mountains, but if that’s the case, you won’t see anything if you are walking in the middle of it.


Unfortunately we didn’t see the sunrise. Well, the sun did rise, but the best we saw was this:

sunrise-yellow-mountainsThe chance of seeig the sunrise while you are on the Yellow Mountains is quiet small as it is high and often cloudy.

Packing tips Yellow Mountains

It was mid October so the weather could be nice or cold. Lucky me, the weather was very nice, around 18 celsius degrees by day. I packed some layers and a lightweight padded jacket. Only in the early morning to see the sunrise I wore my padded jacket, but I was happy to had it with me. I wore my palladiums during this trip and would do it again!

Everything what you can buy during the trekking (yes! There are shops!) is of course much more expensive as everything has to dragged there. So prepare yourself as there aren’t any shops up there if you want to save some money.

It is possible to have someone carry your luggage to your hotel or camp site for around $5 a piece.


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