Packing tips

Packing your stuff for your holiday could sometimes be a challenge. Especially when you want to travel lightweight and insecure about the weather conditions.

So, I have some packing tips for you!

  • First aid kit: bandages, aspirines, diarrhea inhibitor, check if malaria tablets are neccessary
  • Good footwear
  • Travel towels
  • Travel sheets
  • Socks, undies, clothes (try to look for items which can be combined easily, especially when the temperatures can differ)
  • Tropical areas: deet, longsleeves and long pants when you go to the jungle. Also a mosquito net can be handy
  • Toilettries including nail clipper
  • Flash light
  • Check if you need travel plugs and a power strip is handy as well
  • Of course your passport, creditcard can be handy in many countries. Also take a photo copy of your passport with you in case you lose your passport!
  • Camera, phone, chargers
  • (Plastic) bag for your dirty laundry
  • Pen

Are there things you always include in your travel bag? Share with us!

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