Packing tips – travel towels

Travelling light weight could be a challenge sometimes. Here I have some tips for you what you can use as travel towel. Depending on where and how long I go, I choose one or two types of ‘towels’ mentioned in this article.


travel towel

The most well-known travel towel must be the travel towels made of microfibre. These towels are lightweight, compact and dries quickly. It often comes with a pouch, so you can also attach it on your backpack. Especially handy when you are doing a short trip and not everything fits within your every day backpack. Although you can find travel towels in large sizes as well, I don’t like to use these for the beach. I think it is always very difficult to get all the sand out of the towel when you want to wash it by hands.

sarong travel towel

For beaches I like to use a sarong to lay on. These are large and a bit heavier than microfiber travel towels, but dries quickly as well. You can wear it as a dress, but also as a scarf when the nights gets colder. Besides that, it is handy when you have to dress ‘properly’ for visiting temples for example. Wrap it around your waist to use it as a long skirt. Thus, a handy multiple-use towel for travelling!

I do not use these to dry myself after a shower, because it does not absorbs water as good as a microfiber towel.

travel towel cotton muslin blanket

Besides the common microfibre travel towels, I like to use muslin blankets (yes! Those you use to swaddle babies ;)) as a travel towel as well. It is made of 100% cotton, absorbs water well, dries quickly and light weight. Not unimportant: You can buy these in many many lovely patterns. I prefer to use muslin blankets over the regular travel towels made of microfiber, because the material it feels better on my skin. Unfortunately I haven’t found these in large sizes yet to use on the beach.

hammam towel travel

Hammam towels are ideal as beach towels as well. It is easy to dry and very absorbent. Compared to a muslin blanket and a sarong, this material is more stiff also because it is thicker. It is less compact compared to the options mentioned above. Also, I don’t like to use this to dry my hear, so I only take this with me with a beach holiday. For light weight travelling I prefer the options mentioned above.

What do you use as travel towel? Let me know!

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