Gift ideas

Looking for some inspiration for birthday gifts, a gift for someone who likes to travel or a present for yourself? Let me show you some gift ideas!

gift idea world-map-wallpaper-muralWorld Map

There are tons of world maps available, and a world map on poster size is just not impressive enough sometimes. Have you ever thought about a world map wall paper/ wall mural? Awesome right? Personalize it with flags where you’ve already been and what’s still on your bucketlist!




scratch_map gift idea


Scratch Map

A cool small map where you can scrath the countries where you’ve been.







scratch map and note book


Made by the same company of Scratch Map (Luckies), there is the Travelogue. It’s a travel journal with scratch maps.








101 places to see before you die gift idea travellerPoster: 101 places to see before you die

Great to pimp up your toilet or make your own ‘places to see’ collage!












gift idea for travellover

1000 places to see before you die

Nice to have and nice to give, the book 1000 places to see before you die. Although most of the time mine is only collecting dust, sometimes it is nice to get some travel inspiration with this book. There is a lot of text in this book and the pictures are small, so when you are looking for a book with nice photos as well, I wouldn’t recommend this one!








Gift idea for those who love to travelThe world´s great wonders – How they were made and why there are amazing

A very nice book with pretty pictures and information about the world´s great wonders. It also provides information how you can visit the great wonders. While reading this book, the only thing I’m thinking is: OK, it’s on my bucket list!









off track planet's travel guideOff track planet’s – travel guide for the young, sexy and broke














the travel book lonely planetLonely Planet – The Travel Book, a journey through every country in the world










great journeysLonely Planet – Great Journeys

I don’t have this one yet, but it looks like a very interesting book for a complete journey. One of the disadvantages of Lonely Planet guides, is its popularity. Often I’ve been to places which got too touristic, just because it is recommended by Lonely Planet.










100 countries 5000 ideas National Geographic – 100 places, 5000 ideas

An overview of 100 countries of where to go, when to go, what to see and what to do. When you´ve been travelling a lot, this book may not be enough for you. But for those who wants a brief overview of which country to go, this is a nice book to start with. This book is not to plan your whole trip to a certain country, but can inspire you to visit a country you haven´t been thinking about. It can save you a lot of time of searching online and getting lost in all the information you can get.








recipe journal for food lovers and travellersNotebook for recipes

For food lovers! Write down the recipe of your favorite dish so you can enjoy it again at home. I often desire a dish I ate on holiday. I like the recipe journal of Moleskine and the recipe journal of Paperchase.









Let me know when you have some good gift ideas!

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