A good pair of  shoes is essential. Depending on what you are going to do, a pair of sneakers can be sufficient. Hiking boots and a pair of flipflops are the most important footwear to take with me while I’m going to travel. Depending on the temperature and how much time I will spend abroad.

Hiking boots

I have a pair of Palladium boots and absolutely loooove these! Lightweight, not waterproof but dries quickly and when they are too dirty, you can wash them in the wash machine. A good pair of hiking shoes should fit well and contains a good foot bed with a sole that gives enough grip. When you have to cross rivers with your shoes on, you will be happy you have shoes that quickly dries instead of that you have to pull out your shoes every single time. Because I’m so absolutely in love with my Palladium boots, I do not see when I would use regular backpacking boots which are often heavy and do not dry quickly. Unless I will hike in very cold and wet areas where mountaineering boots could be necessary.

Palladiums are not expensive and great for hiking through (tropical) forest, but also for in wet and dry caves. Thus, these shoes are absolutely my favorite ones when I travel.

Shoes for tropical forest

What are your favorite trekking boots?


I always take a pair of flipflops together with me, because I do not like to shower somewhere besides at home on barefoot. But I cannot walk on flipflops for a long time, I have a pair of Ipanema sandals. It is made of the same material of flipflops (thus, waterproof), but give a better support compared to regular flipflops.

sandal backpacking travel


I try to pack as less shoes as possible. When I do have some extra space, I always like to bring a pair of Birkenstocks. Not the most fashionable things to wear, but very comfortable and I can walk many miles on it.

travel shoes

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