Malaysia 2 weeks itinerary

I’ve been in Malaysia for two weeks in June. The places I’ve been were: Kuala Lumpur Melaka Cameron Highlands Penang (Georgetown) Pankor Langkawi Kuala Lumpur I stayed for two nights in Kuala Lumpur and from there I had a day trip to Melaka. For me, 2 days in Kuala Lumpur was more than enough. Petronas […]

Vietnam – 2 weeks

Let me say one thing first. The traffic in Vietnam really is CRAZY! I’ve been to ‘many’ busy cities before, e.g. New York and Hongkong, but I’ve never ever been in this craziness as Hanoi before. Some people told me it is comparable to India. Well I don’t know, haven’t been there before. But let […]


A good pair of  shoes is essential. Depending on what you are going to do, a pair of sneakers can be sufficient. Hiking boots and a pair of flipflops are the most important footwear to take with me while I’m going to travel. Depending on the temperature and how much time I will spend abroad.

Borneo – Sarawak

I love love love Borneo! It is such an amazing island! My trip to Borneo was just short, because I thought a couple of days would be enough. I only had 3 weeks to travel and decided to stay in Borneo for one week and two weeks in Malaysia. If I could do it again, […]